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Table Host Information

Thank you for volunteering to host a table! At this year's banquet, your guests will have the opportunity to hear all that God has done, and continues to do in the South End and Waterville Communities. 


Please fill out the form below and look over the information provided to best prepare. 


The success of this endeavor depends on us inviting our friends, family, business partners, and other supporters. It is our goal to fill each of the 300 seats with people who would like to sow into the ministry.


This will be a catered event, which will free up our pastoral team and allow them to concentrate on you and your guests. However, this also means there is a cost for each person who attends. Please invite those you think will be interested in purchasing a ticket and supporting the ministry through prayer, finances, and/or volunteer work.

Ready to order tickets?

Table host Tips

Registration & Silent Auction Begin from 5:30-6pm. 

This is a semi-formal event so guests are encouraged to dress for the occasion

▪Tables seat 8 people. Please include yourself and your spouse (if applicable) when inviting guests, so that the total number at your table is 8.
▪ The purpose is not to fill tables with people who already attend Vision Church. In contrast, our desire is to share the vision of our church with guests who may have never heard our mission. Friends, relatives, or business associates who are not already familiar with Vision Church make excellent guests. It is important that your guests understand that the ultimate purpose of the banquet is to raise funds for Vision Church. 
▪An invitation in person or by phone is the most effective way to invite a guest. Please share this link  with them.

▪Guests MUST purchase a ticket, in order to attend the banquet. They can do so online at with a debit or credit card, or by mailing a check, to Vision Ministries, 1630 Broadway St., Toledo, OH 43609 with an RSVP card.

▪They will be asked to provide their table host's name when ordering online. If you prefer to purchase tickets for your guests all in one transaction, you may do so. Please provide the guests’ names when checking out.
▪Please fill out the banquet guest list as much as you can. If you are unsure of names at this time, you can email the list to by September 20th. Your Banquet Guest Roster is very important for us to pre-assign seating for your guests.
▪If you are unable to fill your table, we will provide additional guests from general reservations.
▪Phone your guests approximately one week before the banquet to give a friendly reminder of the banquet dates, and to purchase tickets if they have not done so.
▪Please make sure your guests know there is no childcare available, so they need to make other
arrangements for their children.

▪Inform your guests of the exciting prize packages available at the silent auction.

▪Please try to arrive at 5:15 pm, if possible, in order to be at Parkway Place to greet your guests as they arrive.
Help your guests find their way to your table. Introduce your guests to one another. Our pastoral
team would love to meet your guests at some point during the night.

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